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This morning I had vis comm, which as always is a pain because it starts so early, I slept late last night thanks to the woes of MacOS which didn’t make getting up any easier. In essence the attempted macOS X installation turned out in relative disaster with my backup partitions type being changed to HFS+ and when I changed it back to NTFS all of my files were gone. I tried a few recovery methods but nothing worked, in the end I had to just live with the fact that everything that I didn’t have backed up on DVD was gone. I gave macOS once last try on a completely blank set of hard disks but still nothing but restart loops after installation so… I went back to the previously linked and praised h33t release of XPSP3.

This meant I spent most of my afternoon and evening reinstalling software. Nothing of note really happened, I did some more playing with threads in Java and that pretty much brings me to now, where I’m finishing off my WoW reinstallation – which I can’t do much with anyway, since it’s maintenance night.

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I didn’t post yesterday so a quick recap of that first,

I ended up going to the now dubbed “Party House” with William where us and his brother, and brothers friend had a few drinks, played some air hockey and I went to bed fairly early…apparently. Sunday I was tired didn’t do a lot, just surfing the net then took Will home.

Today, I had programming at Uni, it was an okay day all in all, pretty much all of it was exam revision. After class finished there was no lab but I spent a good hour or so talking to my lecturer about my Vman project.

I then came home, vacuumed, and prepared for viscomm (not that there was much prep to do), this brings me pretty much to now where I’m backing up for my next project….installing Mac OS on my main (INTEL) PC. Hopefully that will go smoothly, when I’m done, and in the mood to write more I will report on how it went. This marks week 13 of Semester 1 at Uni 08, meaning the exam period starts next week! Zomg.

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Vista Theme Rocks!

Amongst fiddling around with rocketdock on my main pc for a while and running into spyware problems trying to use ISO conversion/creation apps I’ve been playing with my new look laptop, and I have to say, I love it. It’s got the streamedline look of Vista but all the functionality, speed and reliability of Windows XP SP3. I like it so much I’m installing it on my main pc right now.

I was heavily impressed by the low weight of the operating system, granted it was a clean install but compared to a fresh vista, and considering the sheer amount of customization going on, I was highly impressed – even with the side bar running only 188mb of ram was being used – that, I found, was amazing. Oh and there were no viruses either. Now, with IE open, msn with a few conversations and other standard things like antivirus running the ram usage is approaching 500, but its still below the 512 realm, so thats fine by me. (Machine has 1gb of ram).

Other than that I tried to create my own slipstreamed install dvd with a few of my most used programs on it, but it was during these attempts that I ran into spyware troubles on my main pc, which in turn led to further motivation to install this xpsp3 +vista look on my main.

I’m picking William up from work tonight then bringing him back here, probably will stop by coles and grab some snacks, afterall – I’m hungry!


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Saturday Morning

This morning I woke up at around 8.30 which is good, considering I usually sleep till midday when I don’t have to get up. I’m not tired either which is awesome. I spent most of this morning working on my Visual Communication Project 4 (software company logo design), the good news is thats pretty much finished. I also made amendments to my visual diary. I was originally going to start again with a new one but I figured I would just add to the existing and use the new one next semester in 3D. I think I’m finally back on track with that unit, which is good considering I’m going to have to do it sooner or later.

Other than that I spent time playing with my new “toy” – Linux, or more officially GOSpace. I think that the concept behind GOSpace is good, and would be appealing to its target MySpace audience. It is visually attractive, functional and elegant and conceptually cool. However, it seems to have a couple of bugs which cause its dock to crash and a few other issues with mouse response times and interface lag. The lag and response issues I think are more a problem with my laptop than the operating system, so I can’t really blame it without further testing. Unfortunately, personally, I just can’t get over the foreign feel of a Linux system compared to a windows one, so now that I’ve had a play I am returning to XP.

Not just any XP however, but a “special” modified one which apparently has Service Pack 3 and an impressive Vista theme integrated into it. I don’t (ie I’m not allowed to) condone software piracy, so whilst I’m going to list where you can find this product, I strongly urge you to reactivate it using your own legitimate CD Key or at the very least purchase a legitimate one as well.  You can get the software here. According to some comments this torrent has a few viruses in it :@ so I’ll see how that goes, and if they are there, if they are cleanable.

Other than that, my friend is at work so things are pretty mundane. I might try to catch up with William soon.

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Friday May 23rd, Night

I finished downloading openSUSE but the CD didn’t work, had a bad MD5 Checksum, which was quite a pain. I ended up going out to KFC with Jared then went back to his place and watched a DVD. I then came home and burned GOSpace to DVD (after accidentally burning an incomplete version of ThinkGOS wasting yet another DVD), and am currently installing that. Did some pic editing for a friend in photoshop but the image was too small to be able to do much with.

Right now I’m just waiting for GOSpace to finish installing, then I’ll play around with that for a bit then probably head to bed.

I’ve decided I like the theme and layout of the WordPress version of the blog, so thats going to be the one that will be most frequently updated.

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Friday May23rd 2008 – Post 2

Ok the blog is now up on WordPress and Blogspot. I must remember to link each version to each other. This is just a quick note to say I’m currently installing SUSE and the installer looks good. Also, I love the wordpress theme I’m using it rocks!

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Friday May 23rd 2008


It’s been quite a while since I’ve tried to blog life’s happenings. I tend to have the habit of blogging for a week or so then giving up. Hopefully this one will last a little longer.

Since I only have a limited amount of things to talk about for today, so far, I’ll start by recapping yesterday.

My morning was relatively disinteresting, I tried checking out the “wowgasm” private wow server to see if anything had changed since my last visit there around a year ago, it got boring very fast. I then started to conceptualize a limited AI system in Java – one based loosely on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, however exactly where thats going – at this point – I’m not sure.

Following that I headed to University via Office Works where I picked up the necessary craft supplies for Visual Communication (stapler, glue, invisible tape), and also a 20pk of blank DVDs.

Once at University I met up with Glenn for a little then he had a tutorial so I went off to get food. Bumped into little Jason so spent some time talking to him, Rebbecca and there other Organizations partner of whose name I’m unsure. From there I got food, a Ham and Pineapple focaccia (which ended up being messy) and a can of coke. After the focaccia was done with I was still hungry, so I went back for a spring roll.

After food I went and did my Computer Systems lab session. This was semi grueling for the first 30 minutes but then I’d finished so spent the next 3 and a half hours helping people.

Last night I installed Ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop, I was hoping to duel boot it with XP but it refused to let me resize my partitions so in the end I wiped XP completely. The install was relatively fast and I was impressed by the fact that it found my wireless connection automatically, before it even started to install. However, my hopes for wireless support were soon squelched once the installation was over – after booting up my wireless network was no longer visible, and as of today I still haven’t worked out how to get the net working. As a result I’m downloading openSUSE instead, if that gets me nowhere I might consider thinkGOS and then finally, back to XP again.

This morning I woke up spoke to people on MSN and then went back to bed for a little while. My cold isn’t completely better yet so thats quite an annoyance. I tried to download the DVD version of openSUSE but it crashed after the first few hundred MB so I’m re-downloading the CD version. Luckily none of these Linux downloads count towards my monthly usage allowance, else I’d probably not even bother. Other than that I had a shower and decided to start a blog…again, which is why this post exists. I’m going to host it on both blog-spot and word-press, at least until I can decide between them.

I still haven’t quite worked out the difference between wordpress tags and blogspot labels or if there even is any, so if things seem a little off with these elements, that’s why. For now i’m off to post this on wordpress and edit the themes and look of both sites.

As this is the first day I’ll most likely post again soon, I doubt however that, that frequency of posting will be upheld for long, but eh I can hope.