Posted by: kreativetendencies | May 26, 2008


I didn’t post yesterday so a quick recap of that first,

I ended up going to the now dubbed “Party House” with William where us and his brother, and brothers friend had a few drinks, played some air hockey and I went to bed fairly early…apparently. Sunday I was tired didn’t do a lot, just surfing the net then took Will home.

Today, I had programming at Uni, it was an okay day all in all, pretty much all of it was exam revision. After class finished there was no lab but I spent a good hour or so talking to my lecturer about my Vman project.

I then came home, vacuumed, and prepared for viscomm (not that there was much prep to do), this brings me pretty much to now where I’m backing up for my next project….installing Mac OS on my main (INTEL) PC. Hopefully that will go smoothly, when I’m done, and in the mood to write more I will report on how it went. This marks week 13 of Semester 1 at Uni 08, meaning the exam period starts next week! Zomg.


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