Posted by: kreativetendencies | May 24, 2008

Vista Theme Rocks!

Amongst fiddling around with rocketdock on my main pc for a while and running into spyware problems trying to use ISO conversion/creation apps I’ve been playing with my new look laptop, and I have to say, I love it. It’s got the streamedline look of Vista but all the functionality, speed and reliability of Windows XP SP3. I like it so much I’m installing it on my main pc right now.

I was heavily impressed by the low weight of the operating system, granted it was a clean install but compared to a fresh vista, and considering the sheer amount of customization going on, I was highly impressed – even with the side bar running only 188mb of ram was being used – that, I found, was amazing. Oh and there were no viruses either. Now, with IE open, msn with a few conversations and other standard things like antivirus running the ram usage is approaching 500, but its still below the 512 realm, so thats fine by me. (Machine has 1gb of ram).

Other than that I tried to create my own slipstreamed install dvd with a few of my most used programs on it, but it was during these attempts that I ran into spyware troubles on my main pc, which in turn led to further motivation to install this xpsp3 +vista look on my main.

I’m picking William up from work tonight then bringing him back here, probably will stop by coles and grab some snacks, afterall – I’m hungry!



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