Posted by: kreativetendencies | May 24, 2008

Saturday Morning

This morning I woke up at around 8.30 which is good, considering I usually sleep till midday when I don’t have to get up. I’m not tired either which is awesome. I spent most of this morning working on my Visual Communication Project 4 (software company logo design), the good news is thats pretty much finished. I also made amendments to my visual diary. I was originally going to start again with a new one but I figured I would just add to the existing and use the new one next semester in 3D. I think I’m finally back on track with that unit, which is good considering I’m going to have to do it sooner or later.

Other than that I spent time playing with my new “toy” – Linux, or more officially GOSpace. I think that the concept behind GOSpace is good, and would be appealing to its target MySpace audience. It is visually attractive, functional and elegant and conceptually cool. However, it seems to have a couple of bugs which cause its dock to crash and a few other issues with mouse response times and interface lag. The lag and response issues I think are more a problem with my laptop than the operating system, so I can’t really blame it without further testing. Unfortunately, personally, I just can’t get over the foreign feel of a Linux system compared to a windows one, so now that I’ve had a play I am returning to XP.

Not just any XP however, but a “special” modified one which apparently has Service Pack 3 and an impressive Vista theme integrated into it. I don’t (ie I’m not allowed to) condone software piracy, so whilst I’m going to list where you can find this product, I strongly urge you to reactivate it using your own legitimate CD Key or at the very least purchase a legitimate one as well.  You can get the software here. According to some comments this torrent has a few viruses in it :@ so I’ll see how that goes, and if they are there, if they are cleanable.

Other than that, my friend is at work so things are pretty mundane. I might try to catch up with William soon.


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