Posted by: kreativetendencies | May 27, 2008


This morning I had vis comm, which as always is a pain because it starts so early, I slept late last night thanks to the woes of MacOS which didn’t make getting up any easier. In essence the attempted macOS X installation turned out in relative disaster with my backup partitions type being changed to HFS+ and when I changed it back to NTFS all of my files were gone. I tried a few recovery methods but nothing worked, in the end I had to just live with the fact that everything that I didn’t have backed up on DVD was gone. I gave macOS once last try on a completely blank set of hard disks but still nothing but restart loops after installation so… I went back to the previously linked and praised h33t release of XPSP3.

This meant I spent most of my afternoon and evening reinstalling software. Nothing of note really happened, I did some more playing with threads in Java and that pretty much brings me to now, where I’m finishing off my WoW reinstallation – which I can’t do much with anyway, since it’s maintenance night.


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